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3D Content Creation

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What is 3d Hologram Fan?
3D hologram fan is a series of ultra high density LED rotation imaging to show 3D visual effects of the content. It displays the picture or video or animated sequences 3Dimensionally and enables us to look like real objects to appear or float completely in free space. 3D hologram fan enables a realistic-looking image which means an observer can walk around the hologram and it is visible from all sides.

How To use 3D Hologram Fan?
3D holographic fan contains strips of RGB LEDs attached to the blades and there is a control unit that lights up the pixels as the fan turn around. This is how a complete picture is produced. The content can be controlled over the SD card/Cloud. Through the fast-spinning display, the object is displayed as floating in the air and the observer can see the image as a whole.

Where to use?
3D hologram fans are mainly intended for use in branding and marketing activities. Its time to invest in visual advertisements into this amazing device. It’s an incredible advantage for use at shopping malls, airports, trade fairs, exhibitions, restaurants, showrooms, and similar events. Retailers can also use to display their promotions of the day. The fan can be fixed on concrete walls, ceiling, wooden structure, and clear image can be seen in long distance.

How to Use 3D hologram Software?
The directions for use of 3d hologram fan software are very simple. You only need to install the app on your mobile phone or PC. Select the content which u want to display and the content is displayed in the form of a 3Dimensional image in a realistic view. Covert the Video in (.bin) Format then save it in SD Card Using PC , If its anroid just ulpoad the video to fan directly , but we suggest you to use PC of Content Better Display .

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