3D Hologram fan review in india

3D hologram fan display in tamilnadu


The ultimate Solutions For advertising and promotions in india , 3d hologram LED Fan  is the best and promising techonolgy out there to give 3d hologram effect , this  Simple and elegant 3d hologram fan will mesmerize you and any one from this world .

3D hologram LED Fan display  will give you the Midair viewing exprinence without any 3d glasses , your products will float in 360 Degree ,  we can use any videos and photos on this display But to get 3D effect we need to upload custom 3d videos  , Videos and images are produced by the Dot Matrix LEDs which is  arranged closly in the fan blades that will Spin in customized frequnecy to get the 3d Hologram effect.

It will replace our traditional way of advertising and promotions , 

To know more difirent concepts  : https://3dhologramfan.eshark.in/ideabox

Pros : 

  • Easy To Install any where , accessories comes with fan helps us to place the fan anywhere possible ( Stand , kiosk , Celing Bracket , wall Bracket ) Click here to purchase
  • Control over your content through WIFi , Upload and delete content through Anroid / IOS app 
  • Supported formates JPG, GIF, MP4, AVI , RMVB,MPEG .
  • Suites your Budget Different Fan sizes : 43cm , 50cm 4blades , 60cm 2 baldes , 65 cm 4 blades ,70cm 4 blades , 100cm 4 blades.

Cons : 

  • You need an Gra60phic designer  to get absoulte 3d hologram effect to Get support please call us : +918939799709
  • We need to use protective case for safety and durability purpose , please shop cases and accesories here : https://3dhologramfan.eshark.in/shop

For deatiled review click Here 

Our Company eshark is poineer in this technology in chennai 3d Hologram fan in chennai ,

  • We support our customer in creating 3d hologram videos and solutions that suits you best .
  • we can create  3d hologram ads for your products like shoes watchs and any design you wanted .
  • we can use this is in office , shops , malls , events and offline promotions . 
  • will be use full for  constructions companies , desginers and product demos .
  • Watch Our 3d hologram fan review in youtube 

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