Best 3D Hologram Led Fan display India

3d hologram fan is Hot in Indian advertsing market right now , everyday people find a new way to use this mesmerizing technology , So many brands popped up in last few months , this review will help you out to find right product for you .

1. Desee Lab

dsee lab 3d hologram review

Dsee lab is the most popular 3d hologram fan in China and Other countries .

They Do lot of research and development in 3d hologram fan display , they have all type of solutions which will increase the customer expreince to next level .

Thier products size From 








All Sizes comes with Wifi and Cloud solutions, They have the perfect 3d hologram fan wall Solution there software which will help you to sync and splice the videos into large 3d hologram Screen by placing Multiple fans .

Pros : 

High Quality Products 

Very Fast Software 

More Inovative Intractive displays 

Cons :

Very Costly 

Not available in All sizes 

2. Giwox

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