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Holographic Technology – Buy 3D Hologram Fan Display

Traditional forms of marketing are on the decline as audiences are growing distrustful of advertising in general. The goal of EShark Digital marketing is to create experiences that are immersive and impactful. Holographic technology (used in applications like 3D hologram fan) is increasingly being used by brands to stand out from the competition in the race to win over customers with their brand experiences. 

3D holographic displays using 3D holographic fans can be used in brand and event activations to create that X-factor that may win over the customer who attends the activations. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to using 3D holographic fans in experiential marketing like:

3D hologram fan display in tamilnadu
3D hologram fan display in Tamilnadu Promotion and advertising product.
  1. Projecting an impactful video in the brand’s logo, incubating the brand in an emotional and sensory experience for the customer.
  2. Demonstrating the brand or product in a uniquely creative way which has a long-lasting impact on the customer. For example, the product can be demonstrated in a 360 degree 3D space within a smaller space that would traditionally not allow the product demonstration to take place.
  3. Adding additional 3D elements to an event to boost the visual impact and capture the sense of sight in a remarkable way. For example, DIESEL used 3D effects on a ramp walk to create a virtual underwater world around real-life models as they walked on the ramp, leading to a more powerful visual impact on the audience and creating a fuller experience for them.
  4. The use of 3D Display technology (like a 3D hologram fan) is not new to Experiment marketing but it carries great promise as it is only limited by the creativity of its application. 

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Experiment marketing is the new wave of marketing that is meant to transcend the traditional methods of marketing that have become ineffective due to various factors, out of which primarily is the fact that the newer generation has lost faith in advertising and seek authentic, honest, and impactful experiences with brands. To know more, read this article – https://3dhologramfan.eshark.in/2019/09/22/3d-hologram-fan-review-in-india/

It has been proven that the way to reach this new generation is by creating a relationship with the customer that is based on experiences. The future of marketing lies in crafting powerful brand experiences for the customers and cultivating a relationship based on honesty and trust through amazing experiences.

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