Best 3D hologram fan in India All Models Reviewed

There are few things that need to be taken into account when we search for the best 3D hologram fan. Every business requires an advertisement to showcase the business and to sell the products. All those traditional billboards are not gonna work out anymore in the upcoming days. It’s time to overcome those outdated advertisement methods and capture the eye of your targeted audience with a 3D hologram fan. Led fan Display is an innovative device that creates a virtual 3Dimensional image of an object.

Here arise a question, why should we go for the best 3D hologram fan instead of a copy-cat technology or a cheap holographic projector???

We would probably say, the brand is always a brand. Advertise your products in a way that you have never done before, and showcase your products at shopping centers, hotels, high-traffic areas with the spellbinding 3D holographic fan. This helps businesses to attract customers, spread and share advertising content. The advantage of using the best 3D hologram fan is that people get attracted to the product in no time.

How a 3D hologram fan can outshine? Of course with its best features…

High Resolution
Pixel processing
16million colors
Longer lifespan
Easy content management
Access to the wide media library

Here we go… The best 3D hologram fan to make your products stand out. All the hologram fan gives the lifespan of about 20000 hours with its own software in android, iOS, and Web.

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Best Budget Holographic display in Chennai Buy Now?

Best Budget Hologram: Model S-43A-224 & S-43A-384 (43cm)

This hologram fan model displays the 3d Content with a 42cm diameter. Content can be uploaded with an SD card and a nearby Wi-Fi app. This can be used as a wall mount bracket & hanging with minimum budget.
Indoor Usage: Shops, Malls, Events, Marriage.

Outdoor Usage: Backpack with Protective Case

Pros: Very Affordable, Easy to use.

Cons: Small in size, Need Ambient Light.

3D Hologram LED Desktop Display Fan India
25cm and 43cm 3D Hologram Desktop Display Fan

Slim Feature with Cover: Model S-25 | S-43B-224 | S-43B-384 (25cm&43cm)

This hologram fan consists of an inbuilt Battery and Desktop stand which can be kept on a table to display. It comes with 2 variations, 25cm and 42 cm in diameter. It has a better picture resolution where the content can be uploaded with SD card & Wi-Fi.
Indoor Usage: Photo Frame, Front desk, Receptions, Billing counter, Shops, Malls.

Pros: Inbuilt Battery, Very attractive, slim.

Cons: Battery Life & also connected to a wall charge

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15s Video Limit with Cloud: Model F1-50A (50cm)

This hologram fan contains 4 blades with a 50cm diameter which can upload the content via cloud + Wi-Fi. , So, the videos can be uploaded/updated through the cloud from any place with the best picture resolution. It displays the content with a black background.
Indoor Usage: Shops, Malls, Events, Marriage.

Outdoor Usage: Backpack with Protective Case

Pros: Very Bright, Large Display. HD content

Cons: Video Limits 15sec, slow cloud Management


Video Wall Sync with No Video Limit: Model iFan1 (70cm)

The holy grail of Hologram Fans – Just Buy It
This hologram fan displays the image with 70cm in diameter. You can merge 2 or more fans of this model to display the content with video wall synchronization. There is no limit to the number of videos to upload. The content can be uploaded with the Cloud + Wi-Fi app. The speed of upload via the cloud is the best in this model with the outstanding picture resolution.
Indoor Usage: Promotions, Shops, Malls, Events, Marriage, And Outdoor Usage: Kiosk, Videowall with a case.

Pros: Very Bright, Large Display. Full HD content, video wall sync,

Sound support with any Bluetooth speakers, Direct Wi-Fi uploads videos very fast than any other models.

Cons: No cons

How to make 3d human Hologram receptionist?


Biggest Size: Model F2-H (100cm)

The big size hologram display fan displays the image with 100cm diameter. This model hologram fan is used to display big content in one fan. It has all the best features to display the picture with high quality. Since the size of the fan is big, it does not contain video wall sync but it can display any big size content in one fan.
Indoor Usage: Shops, Malls, Events, Marriage, And

Outdoor Usage: Kiosk

Pros: Very Bright, Large Display. Full HD content, Sound support, Direct Wi-Fi uploads videos fast Upload.

Cons: Technician needed for installation, Costlier, No Video wall support.

In conclusion

All models have their own Advantages, Best Way to choose one is to understand your purpose, all fans capable of promoting your products to the next level – please share your thoughts in comments

Download the PDF with all spec and features of hologram led fan:

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How To Use 3D hologram fan display software

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