3D hologram Fan Display 43cm 1080p Desee Lab

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Hologram projector
Hologram projector
  • LED display – Ultra-high density LED bar rotating imaging by adopting advanced technology. To displays 3D visual effects, a bettering viewing experience.
  • 3D Holographic advertising – The image has no borders and background, giving the audience a feeling that it is completely floating in the air.
  • Marketing projector – Helps businesses attract traffic, spread and share advertising content.360° projection – Suitable for performance details, 360 degrees without dead ends to show products, for jewelry, industrial product, etc., can also show characters, cartoons on the hologram.
  • Ideal for advertising – Cool stereo holography to enhance attention and enhance visual impact. Wireless projection – WiFi transmission with remote control for easy replacement of the content.
  • Comes with a card reader – You can custom video and mode editing. Simple and portable installation for a wider range of applications
  • Free 3D hologram Software training

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Eshark 3D led hologram fan is an advertisement equipment, it’s popular because of its low-energy, cool 3D effect, high-tech, portable to carry, more attractive than traditional LCD player.

Maybe u will ask how the 3D effect appear, It’s POV tech, the theory is persistence of vision.

1. Easy software to upload content in 3D format .
2.APP function: control, set up playing time, upload content and DIY logo3.Content format: MP4, AVI, RMAVB, MKV, JPEG, GIF4. Hologram format video with black background5. Hologram: support multiple videos6. Play: loop playback7. LED quantity: 384pcs LEDsd8. Size : 43 cm9. Sd Card/ WIFI : 16Gb/8Gb10. Brightness : 1200/cdM

Desee Lab 3D hologram fan Display Is the best cheapest Option to promote your brand and products, effect improve your product visibility and attract more customers to your store.

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Dimensions40 × 15 × 15 cm


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